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Digital Storytelling, from the first view it seems like something unclear, unusual and hard to make real. But Active Bulgarian Society could not pass by and leave it as it is. That’s why the ABS team organised a Workshop on the topic what is digital storytelling and how to use it in our lives. Together with Cvetelin who was in Strasbourg for a training course on the topic and improved his knowledge about it, we made it real. On July 26, 2019, ABS team organised Workshop 2 on Digital Storytelling, part of the project: "Digitalise IT".

So what is digital storytelling? This can be an alternative form to tell who you are, to present yourself and to have s connection with your audience, or you can use it in daily life during various ways. Today a lot of people use it to promote their brands. It is a relatively new term which describes the new practice of everyday people who use digital tools to tell their 'story'. Digital stories often present in compelling and emotionally engaging formats and can be interactive.

Even some of the participants of Workshop 2  were surprised that they did it before just didn’t know that it was sharing their experience using this approach.
Active Bulgarian Society was happy to host the participants and got them engaged in different games and simulations. We started with more informative and theoretical part, after we continue with the more fun part of the workshop - to put in practice the newly learnt techniques. For instance, the participants had to create a digital story following the topic they were given. The main purpose of the games is to tell a story without any text, using only materials that we have in the everyday life.

At the end of the workshop, everybody shared their feelings and expressions. As it follows, you can check one of the feedbacks:

-Veselin: It was a cool workshop, I learned a lot of things, how to tell a story in a different way and even without words. It’s a new way, it’s more modern, for sure I will use these skills in the future.

Next time you want to share in a successful way your ideas or experience, do not forget to use digital storytelling.

The Workshop we organised is part of the project: "Digitalise IT" co-financed by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission and coordinated by Youth Express Network.