Active Bulgarian Society Team Organised a Local Workshop as Part of Digitalise IT!


Active Bulgarian Society Team Organised a Local Workshop as Part of Digitalise IT!

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On Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019, our team of local and international volunteers spread the information about Digital Storytelling, how to use different techniques for creating a digital story, sharing examples, showing videos, and having many surprises for the most active youth. The workshop took place among 10 and 12-grade students from the professional high school of construction, architecture, and geodesy as part of the Digitalise IT! Project. We split into two teams, each consisting of four volunteers, and prepared two different workshops organised in the two English classes we were invited in to present in.

The workshops were interactive and involved active participation of all the audience.  Tsvetelin, a participant in the training of youth workers in Strasbourg, part of Digitalise IT! Project presented his experience in the Training Course on Digital Storytelling and how it helped him acquire new skills on the topic. The teams elaborated on how to use different techniques for creating a digital story and encouraged students to learn more about digital storytelling if they are interested. After that, the participants were involved in interactive online activity to put into practice the newly gained skills. 


The meeting was organized interactively so that students had the opportunity to ask questions and receive the necessary information from the ABS team representatives.

Students learning about Erasmus+ opportunities

At the end of our workshop, students took part in a fun Kahoot quiz to show what they have learned and earned branded t-shirts and bags as a prize. The most active student won participation in one of our future workshops on the topic of digital storytelling.

This was our first workshop to a high school but definitely not our last. We will continue to educate youngsters on the topic of digital storytelling and present to them the many opportunities that exist. By doing this, young people have the chance to improve their skills, professional network, and competencies.

This local workshop is part of the project:  "Digitalise it!: Exchanges of Practices of Digital Storytelling in youth work" co-financed by the European Commission and Erasmus+ Programme ( and coordinated by Youth Express Network.
For more information about the project: here
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