Goals of the RE-START EUROPE project are:

  • Gain knowledge on entrepreneurship and online companies;
  •  Get to know basics, entrepreneurship process, business plan on entrepreneurship for youth;
  • Find out what is the internet’s impact on the entrepreneurship business;
  •  Research how successful are businesses that are run by young individuals;
  • Make a website for this project;
  • Take a look at the supporting system for encouraging entrepreneurship of youth (participants will get in contact with different local businesses, meet the local entrepreneurs, get new ideas, look at good practice examples);
  • Business plan preparation (online promotion, marketing and selling of products);
  • Developing business ideas against the COVID-19 virus;
  • Based on practices from other countries, we will research, how they encourage the entrepreneurship of young people. We will try to find solutions and learn some things from other countries;
  • Research the impact of COVID-19 on entrepreneurship, freelancers and economy in every country;
  • Learn the basics of marketing through informal learning and gain knowledge on how to use our potential and market it successfully;
  • Encouragement of intercultural dialogue, building and strengthening European identity and values among youth;
  • Increase awareness about other Erasmus+ projects and other opportunities young people have, encourage them towards continuing education, be active citizens …

Participants of the RE-START EUROPE youth exchange will research entrepreneurship all across the countries that will participate, we will try to find ways on how to recover from the coronavirus, we will discover different good practices examples all across Europe and try to solve unemployment issue of youthin Europe. Through different activities, we will learn how we can turn our hobbies, strengths and turn, upgrade them into a great business idea, which will lead to our possible self-employment.


  • 18-30 years old
  • Group leader at least 21 years old and can be over 30 years old
  • Required to be part of some voluntary organization or connected to the topic of entrepreneurship etc.
  • Strongly interested in raising knowledge on Erasmus + Programme, youth project management;
  • Motivated to address the issue in their communities, issues concerning young people at international level;
  • Motivated to speak about entrepreneurship, Covid-19 pandemic and to spread tolerance among minorities issues and to turn ideas into actions;
  • Ready to work in mix-intercultural learning environment, to contribute to successful project implementation;
  • Motivated to take part in Erasmus + project, work in an international team and share their experiences in follow up period;
  • Have communicative level of English and be able to take part in preparatory meetings, youth exchange and follow up activities.
  • Every group will include participants with fewer opportunities facing cultural differences and social, economic obstacles. It means young people who face unemployment, are coming from socially and economically challenging environment and/or might face discrimination, stereotypes and prejudices in their communities.
  • Required to be active and ready to do outdoor activities
  • Required to be promotor of healthy lifestyle and against use of alcohol and drugs

Partners will be responsible to include 2 participants with fewer opportunities in their groups.


  • Group leaders will be selected by each organization. The Group leader is expected to be a person
    with previous experience in youth work and Erasmus + Programme who is ready to take
    participation and during the project, facilitate the project activities and provide support to the
    participants during the whole project, especially during implementation phase abroad but also
    during preparation and follow up period. Group leader has to be older than the rest of participants or at least 21 years old. Group leader will be responsible to write a short article about each day of the youth exchange and send it to their sending organization to publish on their Facebook and webpage (each day). group leader will also help to motivate all participants to organise an event for dissemination at home.


Our accommodation will offer us rooms, (which are equipped with private bathroom with shower and internet), room for activities, big park, dining room and a common space near our rooms.

๐Ÿ“ŒFood & Pocket Money:

We will cover from the project budget food, accommodation and activities (100%).

๐Ÿ“ŒTravel costs:

We will cover transport costs will be reimbursed on a lump sum basis:
Bulgaria : 275€


๐Ÿ“ŒFEE: There is a non-refundable administrative fee of €35 for the sending organization, and it is due only if the applicant is approved to take part in the project. In addition, there will be a participation and excursion fee that each participant has to pay to the host organisation. The cost will be € 10 per participant. It includes partially costs of excursion and organizational costs for documents and activities (agreements and travel costs process). All other costs (food and accommodation) are 100% covered.

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