"Hooliganism" is the term used broadly to describe disorderly, aggressive and often violent behaviour perpetrated by spectators at sporting events. Today, the highest-profile hooliganism problems tend to occur in relation to international matches and events. In all these countries, some gangs of hooligans share other characteristics, interests, and beliefs that incline them towards violent conduct, including links to far-right and racist organisations. Others, however, are apolitical and are simply composed of men who enjoy fighting. Erasmus+ youth exchange "Near the Sport" is aiming to prevent discrimination and prejudice in the sports industry and to promote tolerance, equality and support unity. The project is focusing on the positive values in the sport such as friendship, unity, respect, and fair play. Sport represents an integral part of the lives of millions of Europeans. Support for sport builds community cohesion, grows social inclusion and leads to an enhanced sense of European identity. Policymakers, education professionals, regional and national experts are directly and regularly involved in ensuring sport continues to tackle challenges in this field. The Directorate-General of Education, Youth, Sport and Culture (DG EAC) sponsors many high-level and grassroots initiatives whose aim is to promote interaction between regional and local organisations – and therefore assist European citizens to become more involved. The goals of the project are to implement the newest and most effective methods in sports by the theme of peace, to support young participants' professional, social and personal development with non-formal learning methods, to support young people to become respectful, peaceful citizens in sport by fair-play.


  • We will reimburse the travel expenses after the exchange, in accordance with the Erasmus+ framework. In order to make the reimbursement, it is compulsory that you have all the necessary documents with you. If your travel costs exceed the official limits, the reimbursement will be limited to the maximum amount of travel costs allocated for each country. If you fail to provide all the necessary travel documents, we will be unable to reimburse you.
  • Accommodation, living, and other project-related expenses are funded by the EU.

For plane travel, the original documents that we need are:

  • Tickets & Boarding Passes
  • Invoices/Receipts
  • Keep your bus/train tickets as well

Note: Travel by cars/taxis are not reimbursed. All expenses related to Covid-19 restrictions (PCR or Rapid test) will not be reimbursed!


The official currency in Turkey is the Turkish Lira (TL). The prices in Turkey are not high (e.g. coke - 0.45 EUR, bus ride - 0.60 EUR, Meal in an inexpensive restaurant 4.30 EUR). You can check the cost of living in Turkey.


The fastest and most secure way to reach Turkey is by plane. You can find cheap domestic flights at Turkish Airlines & Pegasus. The arrival day is the 18th of October and the departure day is the 25th of October, 2021. Try to find a suitable option for the arrival on these days.

Be aware of Covid-19 Restrictions to enter the Turkish soil beforehand. You can find relevant official information on the website of your Embassy in Turkey.

  • Please get approval before booking your tickets.

IMPORTANT: Participants will need to have international passports. Please, check the validity of your passport before departure – your passport must be valid at least 6 months beyond the date of your intended stay


Rooms: with 2-4 beds. Towels and bed linen will be provided. The Main Activity Room is located in the same building. WiFi internet connection is available (however, might be a bit limited). Organizers will provide participants with three meals per day and two coffee breaks. Food will be served at the hotel. We strongly recommend each participant inform the organizers about any special dietary needs in advance.


  • All the participants will be expected to be present and active in all the activities unless being ill.
  • Unauthorized absence from the activities and workshops won’t be tolerated.
  • Smoking is prohibited everywhere inside buildings, thus all smokers will have to go outside or to specially designated areas for a cigarette.
  • Any damages to the property of the guest house or the organizers will be deducted from the travel reimbursements of the ones responsible.

Stress, nerves, and bad moods are prohibited everywhere. Bring your best mood and a big smile with you and keep it through the exchange! Prepare for fun!


The organizers will not provide the participants with any kind of insurance! Therefore, we strongly recommend every participant acquire travel insurance at their own expense for the whole duration of the exchange. Also, please note that EU healthcare insurance cards are not valid in Turkey.

  • Bring all your travel documents as presented above
  • Find interesting videos/games/exercises/educational activities for safe driving and traffic safety. Prepare energizers that could be done in the morning.
  • Prepare for your country’s cultural evening. Please, try to be fun and creative for this! No one likes regular .ppt presentations! Any kind of activity is welcome (e.g. video presentations, dances, songs, games, quizzes, posters, flyers, etc.)
  • Each of you individually has to bring an interesting cup or any souvenir (e.g. with your country design, creative, or funny). At the beginning of the project, you will exchange these gifts with one another so that you would have something to remember!
  • If you have relevant experience connected to safe driving and traffic safety – please let us know beforehand.
  • Bring clothing and shoes that can be used for sports and/or strenuous activities (such as dancing). Don’t forget mosquito repellent and other relevant clothing/stuff.
  • Bring good spirit, joy, and happiness!
  • More preparation needed for the activities will be posted online after the participants are selected.


The hosting organization is covering the accommodation only for the stay during the mobility. In case of earlier arrival or later departure, participants themselves must cover the accommodation. In addition, we can only cover tickets 4 days (3 nights) earlier or after the project date. If you are planning to stay longer after the project or arrive earlier, please inform us before booking your ticket. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee your reimbursement. Please note any indirect routes taken for personal travel will not be reimbursed. For additional days in Turkey, we suggest you use Airbnb or Booking.com.

📌VENUE: Çanakkale, Turkey

📌DEADLINE FOR APPLYING: 18th September 2021 

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