Through this project “Volunteering in Palazzolo” the volunteer will have the opportunity to gain experience and expertise in all areas in which the Foundation operates in favor of young people. The volunteer will be helped by qualified staff of the Foundation, especially those who are operating in the youth center, in municipal youth councils, and the digital festival. The volunteer will be particularly in touch with children of primary school and young people of the secondary school of the first degree. He/She will plan, organize and manage all those activities for the youth aggregation, helping them in doing their homework, in sports activities, in cooking laboratories, and so on. He/she will also take part in activities to promote the youth's social mobility, especially in the European Volunteering Projects. He/She will be an active part of the community life during the youth municipal councils and will be of support to the staff in organizing meetings of the Palazzolo Digital Festival and in the activities of Palazzolo Digital Hub. He/She will be also involved in the activities of “Circolo La Base” for young people in Palazzolo, where he/she can help to organize music or artistic events.


The “Fondazione Galignani” carries on its activity to welcome, give assistance and guidance to local and migrant young people in order to encourage their integration and a more active taking part in the everyday local life. To this end, the Foundation manages a youth center, organizes training courses (municipal youth council, emotional and sexual education courses, courses on the risks and dangers of the network, civic apprenticeship, educational counseling, workgroup for dyslexic teenagers), and the Palazzolo Digital Festival.


"Risk to choose" - The story of a Bulgarian volunteer in Italy Tsanko Kunchev

Доброволческите приключения на един българин в Италия


- age between 18 and 30 years;

- enthusiastic and eager to learn more about inclusion, civic involvement, and volunteering

- Italian language knowledge, at least the minimum bases, to be able to communicate with the staff and the other volunteers is a plus;

- the ability to work in a team;

- to be open-minded and sociable;

- minimum knowledge about non-formal education;

- minimum knowledge about voluntary work;

- have minimum knowledge about civic involvement and participation;

- want to work with youngsters and take part in educational inclusive activities.


- “Friend’s Home” help and support in the tasks and workshops (kitchen, football...) with students of primary and secondary school

- Summer Recreation Center for children, that takes place in July with activities of animation, aggregation, workshops, team games, local visit, final party;

- Secretariat for Palazzolo Digital Hub (co-working space) and Palazzolo Digital Festival (meeting on digital)

- Activities to promote of European Solidarity Corps in the center young, in the high school, in the associations

- Volunteer will be able to propose projects according to the purpose of the foundation

- Organisation in “Circolo La Base” of music or artistic events.


The travel, accommodation, food, and the program itself are co-funded by the European Union through the ERASMUS+ program. 
The organizers will reimburse travel costs for the amount shown in the original boarding passes, tickets, and invoices, up to the limits indicated in the ERASMUS+ program guide (up to EUR 275 per participant travelling from Bulgaria). For this reason, it is essential that you bring with you and keep all the original tickets and invoices for the travelling.

- Accommodation conditions: the volunteer will be accommodated in an apartment near the headquarters of the Foundation with two bedrooms, one kitchen, and one bathroom, so there is the possibility that the volunteer should be sharing the room with somebody else (female with female and male with male)

- Transportation: the European Solidarity Corps+ transportation rules will be respected.

- Food: the volunteer will receive 8 euros for food and 5 euros for pocket money every day.

📌TRAVEL BUDGET - 275 EUR for round-trip travelling from Bulgaria to France and back / return flights/.

Please remember that it is your limit for BOTH ways.



There is no participation fee.

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