Armenian Progressive Youth NGO from Armenia and Train to Future from Sweden, have developed this project “Mantra meditation, yoga and self-care training for youth workers”, feeling a strong need and desire among our partner organizations to get introduced to self-care practices and try to apply those back in our organizations, work, and lives. Working with vulnerable young people, youth with fewer opportunities and young people from very different social and cultural backgrounds is demanding, requires an individual approach, empathetic communication, a caring attitude and a very high degree of responsibility. As youth workers, we also often undervalued, underpaid and work in stressful environments under high pressure.



Through an 8-day, we aim to support 36 youth workers from the EU and non-EU countries to identify ways to prevent and reduce stress as well as develop self-care practices and self-awareness through practicing yoga and meditation. Through incorporating yoga and meditation as self-care practices into their daily routine, they will be better equipped to identify and address the needs of the young people they work within their communities.



➢Supporting 36 youth workers, professionals, community leaders, and trainers to learn and identify activities and practices that can support their well-being, and help them develop healthy behavior patterns when responding to challenging work situations;

➢Identifying the principal causes of stress and burn-out;

➢Defining self-care and self-awareness, and explaining how they can support and enhance the youth workers when they experience pressure or stress in their work;

➢Creating a safe space in which participants feel comfortable being the receivers of support and sharing their needs and challenges;

➢Integrating and sustaining yoga, meditation and other self-care practices in the daily routines of our participants, and learning to practice relaxation and mindfulness techniques;

➢Defining what self-care and self-awareness mean and explaining how they can support and enhance the youth workers when they experience pressure or stress in their work;

➢ Developing a personal self-care plan which will include concrete strategies on how to reduce and manage stress, how to enhance health in order to maintain well-being and professionalism; Exploring how yoga, meditation, and self-care practices can be used in youth work in general and in our work with vulnerable youth and young people with fewer opportunities in particular; Strengthening the partnership between the organizations involved, improving the competences of participants and the quality of joint projects.



➢Experienced Youth workers;

➢Fluent in English;

➢Resident of one of the participating countries; 

➢Available for the whole duration of the Training.



The information on the accommodation will be communicated to you beforehand.



100% of the total travel expenses will be reimbursed. Reimbursement will be done in EUR, regardless of the currency indicated on the ticket and receipt/invoice. Any tickets purchased in a local currency other than EUR will then be converted and calculated according to the exchange rate of the month given by the European Commission.





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