The intercultural Library LivrEchange is an association which aims to promote the linguistic and cultural diversity of the population. They organize different activities to promote the reading in the different mother languages, facilitate the intercultural meetings and exchanges and facilitate the integration of the migrant population of the region. The activities take place in the library and also outside. The volunteer will help mainly in activities taking place outside. The Library provides books in more than 265 languages different languages as well as different activities for adults and children.

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The European Voluntary Service (EVS) is an exchange programme financed by the Swiss government and not the EU because Switzerland is not member of the Erasmus+ programm.


- The volunteer will work around 32-38 hours per week;

- Help during the intercultural animations for children;

- Help with the organization of intercultural animation for adults;

- Administrative work at the library and more interesting tasks;

- Organization of intercultural events for adults: literature nights, conferences and exhibitions;

- Reception of classes and groups, Internet Café, Software for studying Languages;

- Participation in the intercultural events of the region.


- 18 - 30 years old;

- Ready to work with children;

- Ready to live in a community with the staff members or host family;

- Basic knowledge of French language;

- Driving license. 


- Liability, health and accident insurance is included and provided by the coordinating organization.


Travel expenses (round trip travelling) are 360€ (400CHF) and will be reimbursed to the volunteer. 


The volunteer will receive each month 225€ (250 CHF) as pocket money. 




There is no participation fee.

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