Come and join the extraordinary, international, and intercultural team of Active Bulgarian Society! ☀️



In Active Bulgarian Society, you’ll be responsible for promoting Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps, their opportunities, solidarity as a value, volunteering, etc. How? From off-line to online promotions, you’ll have the freedom to organize such events, visit schools and universities, disseminate fliers and brochures, and much more…

You'll get to:

  • Help plan intercultural meetings.
  • Organize events and activities every week.
  • Prepare promotional materials and provide information to the local community about the ESC and Erasmus+ Programs. 
  • Write articles and press releases on social media about current ABS projects.
  • Create content and manage social media.
  • Develop and create your personal project.




  • All expenses are 100% covered by the project.
  • Pocket money: Every month, you will receive 80 euros for food and 120 euros for pocket money. (The money will be converted into Bulgarian currency)

Accommodation: You'll be accommodated in a shared flat with other volunteers. You'll also be sharing a room with someone of the same gender. The apartment is fully equipped and fully furnished.

The apartment building is located near the city center, and you'll have a lovely 10 to 15 minutes walk every morning to the office.






It was founded in 2013 and currently, the team works in youth mobility and non-formal education.

Together with the focus on networking and determination for future development, Active Bulgarian Society applies an innovative approach to develop youngsters through deep involvement in the activities of the organization.

At ABS we are looking forward to the changes happening. We have the time and willingness to share our time and make our dreams happen.




You'll have the opportunity to work closely with the other volunteers in our office near the city center.

We have wi-fi access, comfortable chairs, natural light, office supplies ready to use, coffee, tea, and snacks.

We recommend you bring your laptop or tablet even though we have technical equipment available in the office.

Here is where you'll be able to be creative and plan and prepare events and activities. The activities themselves can take place in different locations.





During your time in ABS, you will have the opportunity to improve different sets of skills, like: 

  • Develop your soft skills and your technical skills.
  • Improve your English communication skills.
  • Enhance your planning and organization skills.
  • Learn a new language.
  • Increase your level of active citizenship.



  •  18 - 25 years old.
  •  Able to communicate in English.
  •  Motivated, proactive, and with an initiative to carry out their projects.
  •  Ready to work in an intercultural atmosphere.
  •  Can adapt to new situations.
  •  Enjoys teamwork.
  •  Has experience organizing workshops and activities and is willing to learn. 


ABS is committed to being an equal opportunities employer that values diversity within the company and throughout our recruitment processes. We aim to be an open and inclusive organization that creates a culture that encourages and celebrates everyone. We welcome applicants of all backgrounds, disabilities, gender, race, religion or belief, or sexual orientation.

If you require any reasonable adjustments to take part in this recruitment process, please inform us upon your application.


📌 VENUE:  Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria


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