Come and join the wonderful, international, and intercultural team of Active Bulgarian Society! ☀️


The main goal of the volunteering will be the promotion of Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps Programmes, their opportunities, solidarity as a value, volunteering, etc. All these will be organized through weekly offline and online Promo events, dissemination of fliers, brochures, info-tables, Promo visits at schools and universities.

  •  Helping ABS plan intercultural meetings, events, and activities;
  •  Preparing promotional materials, providing information to the local community about the ESC and Erasmus+ Programs,
  •  Writing articles and press releases on social media about current ABS projects;
  • Developing and creating their project (e.g. a social initiative that the volunteer wants to do for the local community).


  • All expenses are 100% covered by the project.
  • Food and Pocket money: Volunteers will get every month 80 euros (or the equivalent in Bulgarian currency) for food and 120 euros for pocket money. 
  • Accommodation: Volunteers will be accommodated in a shared room with another volunteer (of the same sex) in their own fully furnished flat, with all needed kitchen utensils, which is situated 15 minutes walking to the office and the city center. The flat has all the necessary facilities for living.

About the host organization;

Active Bulgarian Society is a non-governmental organisation based in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. It was founded in 2013 and currently, the team of ABS works in the field of youth mobility and non-formal education. Together with the focus on networking and determination for future development, Active Bulgarian Society applies an innovative approach to develop youngsters through deep involvement in the activities of the organization. At ABS we are looking forward to the changes happening. We have the time and willingness to share our time and make our dreams happen.

Working conditions;

ABS office has a Volunteering room where the volunteers may prepare for their activities, language clubs, etc. There is Wi-Fi access so if volunteers have a possibility we would recommend you to bring your laptop or a tablet for personal use. It is better if you have your own laptop. Volunteers may use the technical equipment available at ABS  to prepare for their activities. The activities themselves will take place in different locations.


You will be improving different sets of skills throughout the project

  • You will develop your soft skills and your technical skills;
  • You will be able to express yourself more comfortably in English;
  • You will gain creative and innovative ideas;
  • You will make friends from all over the world;
  • You will learn how to plan and organize events;
  • You will increase your level of active citizenship.


  •  18 - 25 years old;
  •  Able to communicate in English; 
  •  Motivated, proactive, and with an initiative to carry out their projects;
  •  Ready to work in an intercultural atmosphere;
  •  Can adapt to new situations and enjoys teamwork;
  •  Has experience organizing workshops and activities, and is willing to learn. 

We welcome volunteers with fewer opportunities;

We are ready to accept such applicants with:

  •  Economic obstacles;
  • Geographical obstacles;
  • Educational difficulties
  • Cultural Differences
  • Disability
  • Health problems
  • Refugees
  • Social obstacles

📌 VENUE:  Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria



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