“EVS with Hnutí Brontosaurus" is a one-year volunteer project in  Brno, Czech Republic. During this time volunteer’s tasks will be to participate during summer camps and weekend events in the Czech Republic and abroad, to work for nature and historic monuments, to organize their own projects and events.


➢ Participate in summer camps;
➢ Help to work in the office in winter;
➢ Prepare activities for youngsters; 
➢ Work with nature.


➢ Aged between 18 and 30 years;
➢ Experienced in ecology/ in working with youth/ in volunteering;
➢ Able to communicate in English.


The travel, accommodation, food and the program itself are co-funded by the European Union through the ERASMUS+ program. 
The organizers will reimburse travel costs for the amount showed in the original boarding passes, tickets and invoices, up to the limits indicated in the ERASMUS+ program guide (see the table on the side). For this reason is essential that you bring with you and keep all the original tickets and invoices of the travelling. Please note that the amounts on the side are the MAXIMUM amounts that will be reimbursed, all the costs exceeding these amounts will be covered by you as well as the costs for accommodation sustained in case you decide to start your travel before the arrival day and after the departure day.
NB: In order to be entitled to reimbursement respect the time limits as mentioned in the previous page, be on time for the starting of the program and participate in all of it.


Please remember that it is your limit for BOTH ways.


📌DEADLINE FOR APPLYING IS: as soon as possible

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