Volunteers who will be involved in the project of the A. Mantegna Institute will have the opportunity to meet with teachers operating in different areas, who have been doing this job for many years, who have proven experience with young people and who are aware of how important it is also the motivational aspect in carrying out its activities and tasks.

Many of the teachers are directly involved in some mobility projects for both young people and themselves, demonstrating how many teachers in the school are active protagonists of a growth path, also at the European level.


  • Aged  between 18 and 30 years old 
  • Deep knowledge of the English language
  • Interested in and in line with the principles of the educational project
  • Good interpersonal, social and communication skills
  • Motivation
  • Interest in multiculturality


You will get free accommodation for the whole duration of your voluntary service. You will be accommodated in the students' residence or, if not available, in an apartment in the centre of Mantova. 

You will get a  food allowance to cover your food expenditures.

You will also be supported by a mentor and a tutor.


The A. Mantegna Institute, located in Mantova, is a public school for general technical, economic and technological education at the secondary level. The students of the institute can choose between two different branches of studies: Administration, Finance and Marketing; and the Technical and Technological branch.

 📌DEADLINE:28th November 2021

📌FEE: There is no administrative fee


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