Vitality is a European Solidarity Corps project that brings aliveness and dynamism on different levels:

  • To the rural community of Alta Langa and lower Piedmont by introducing international mobility opportunities to local young people, by valorizing local cultural heritage, taking care of the natural landscape, and by organizing festivals and events​

  • To the lives of 7 young people that will experience themselves outside of their local reality, they will discover new passions, and enhance undervalued talents. The project provides learning opportunities in the field of youth work by getting involved in projects for young people organized at the local and international level

  • To the entities involved in the project: The organizations Vagamondo and New Wellness Education will receive support in the implementation of their institutional activities and also new inputs and new ideas from the European volunteers. That will increase the offer and the capacity of the associations to operate at the local, national and international levels. The volunteers will develop activities also in cooperation with some of the municipalities of Alta Langa 


You will provide support to Associazione Vagamondo in the development of youth exchanges, training courses, and volunteering projects in Bergolo and abroad. You will also help promote the international opportunities for young people available within the ESC and Erasmus + program. Additionally, focusing on the municipalities of Alta Langa and lower Piedmont through meetings in high schools, universities, organizations, and other public and private spaces - further increasing access to youth opportunities for young people who live in rural areas. Further, you will also organize visibility expeditions in close-by cities.

The municipality of Bergolo organizes festivals and cultural events of music and art. Your role will be to collaborate and support the organizers of these events. You will also have the chance to propose and take care of the organization of activities managed by them or new cultural events.

"Digital Bergolo" is our project that valorizes and shares the local artistic heritage. You will be involved in completing and enriching the portal that includes all the pieces of art spread around the village: the winners of several sculptures and paint national festivals.

Together with the municipality of Cortemilia and 15 local volunteers, Vagamondo is taking care of cleaning forest trails of Alta Langa and of organizing local events to valorize them and rediscover them with the local population.

Historical farmhouse more than 300 years old, it is the headquarter of the organization New Wellness Education. You will support in the creation of organic cultivations and in the implementation of didactic events in cooperation with schools and other organizations.

In the framework of your learning goals and according to the values and mission of Associazione Vagamondo, you will be encouraged to carry out your own personal project.


  • 18 - 30 years old

  • Fully vaccinated against Covid-19

  • Long term resident in Bulgaria

  • Available for volunteering for 12 months, beginning February 2022

  • Can freely communicate in English and are interested in learning Italian.

  • Want to interact with locals and young people from other countries, directly and online as well as  practice and improve teamwork skills in a multicultural context

  • Want a pause from your daily life, focus on yourself, experiment with new things, and valorize old or new passions to start a new path after volunteering with clearer priorities and newly defined goals

  • Want to live for one year in a village, in the countryside and enjoy being surrounded by nature

  • Close to one of the following profiles:

    • You have already some experience in working with young people and in non-formal education, or you already took part in some international youth exchange or training course and you're further interested to learn how to organize such projects, to increase your competence in youth work and in developing a youth organization.

    • You have no experience with non-formal education and youth mobility projects, or you've had little involvement in this field, and you are curious to know more about it, and you want to expand your horizons by learning about a different country, another culture, living abroad, and discovering new ways of living


All seven volunteers will be sharing two apartments in the main square of Bergolo, next to the office of Vagamondo. The apartments consist of a kitchen with a dining room, a bathroom, and double bedrooms. Volunteers will decide for themselves how to settle in the rooms. All the accommodation expenses are being taken care of by the organization.

📌Food & Pocket Money:

There is reimbursement available for food expenses up to 150€ per month, and each volunteer will receive monthly pocket money of 150€.

📌Volunteering Schedule:

The usual daily working schedule is from 9 to 13 and from 14 to 17, from Monday to Friday. The timetable will be different and can include weekends when youth exchanges, training, or other events happen in Bergolo. The secret word to apply is "Bee".

📌Local Transport:

All the transportation expenses involving the activities of the project are being taken care of by the organization. A car is available for the volunteers to explore the local area in their free time. 

📌FEE: There is no administrative fee.

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