The volunteer will lead the development of eco-friendly initiatives in the municipality of Rouillon, educating and encouraging inhabitants to take care of the environment with their daily actions. More specifically, missions may include:

  • Work with the school canteen and local producers to educate school children on the benefits of a greener menu (local produce, organic produce, changing their attitude to vegetarian options
  • Work with the school, school canteen, activity centre, and other local institutions to lead by example by reducing waste and promoting more sustainable waste management (recycling, compost, etc.)
  • Coordination of walking bus/cycling bus (Pédibus/Vélobus) for greener school journeys
  • Facilitate cycling in Rouillon: propose cycle paths, bike reparation stations, etc.
  • Organise activities for children around the topic of taking care of the environment, in class, during school break times, or at the local activity centre (which runs on Wednesdays and during the school holidays).
  • Support the local Youth Council (CMJ) in launching eco-friendly projects for the town
  • Organise community events (workshops, excursions, fairs, clean walks) to encourage eco-friendly actions


The volunteer will be hosted by the department of youth animation at Rouillon town hall, and more particularly in the animation youth department during the year 2021 but this project will be coordinated by the Maison de l’Europe, allowing the volunteer to participate more broadly in actions to promote European citizenship together with 8 other volunteers in which:

  • 6 volunteers are hosted in local boarding schools
  • 3 volunteers in another town hall,
  • 1 volunteer is hosted in a high school,
  • and 1 volunteer is hosted in the association Maison de l’Europe.

These 11 volunteers will be able to carry out common projects, especially during Europe Day in May. Rouillon would love to welcome a young person who has witnessed and experienced the innovative practices of another European country and who is motivated to share and implement them in our local community. We would have a lot to learn from this young person. They could inspire our employees, our children and our citizens. Rouillon has been investing in the environment for several years, and our second European volunteer will help us to continue on this journey and amplify our impact.


Your food and lodging, insurance, pocket money and travel costs will be covered by the European Solidarity Corps program.

Before arrival in France:

  • travel tickets are covered (275€ to 360€ depending on the country you live in);
  • The volunteer will be hosted by a local family, where they will have their room, very close to their places of work, local shops, and well connected to the city of Le Mans
  • the volunteer will be insured. «CIGNA» covers health and medical costs.

Monthly expenses:

  • every month the volunteer will receive 390€ for food money and pocket money according to the daily rate determined by the CES agency;
  • the volunteer will be invited to have a meal for free at noon in the school of the town.

Language courses:

  • according to the EU program, online courses will be offered to the volunteer before and during the mission on the « OLS language platform »;
  • the volunteer will be offered the opportunity to participate in evening French classes,  organized at the University;
  • the town of Rouillon is well served by public transport. It is 10 minutes by bike from the  University.

Good to know:

  • the volunteer will work a maximum of 35 hours per week (French lessons, language lessons on OLS and meetings included), 5 days per week (weekends off);
  • a total of 24 days of leave will be granted (which can be taken on a flexible basis, agreed  between the volunteer and the town hall);
  • the volunteer will have a bicycle and a local transport card, which includes buses and trams;
  • debriefing times also called “CES breakfast” are planned every two months with other volunteers hosted in Sarthe;
  • and the French national agency for ESC projects will run 2 seminars in which the volunteer will be invited to take part.

📌FEE: There is no administrative fee

📌DEADLINE: 21st November 2021

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