- Supporting organization of various events (e.g. Independence Day, Christmas, Grandmother’s Day, International Party etc.);

- Preparing and delivering workshops for children in accordance with the capacity and skills of volunteers and the needs of schools/kindergartens;

- Preparing afterschool activities;

- In the case of integrating facilities – supporting disabled children in dressing up, washing hands, eating meals, etc.;

- Preparing integrational games and pro-ecological activities;

- Creating and taking care of the garden together with kids;

- Preparing activities in European Corner to teach children about EU values;

- International reading for younger kids;

- Participating in the meetings in the office and meetings with mentors;

- Filling monthly reports;

- Sharing ideas and cooperating.


The Group of 13 volunteers already includes people from Spain, France, Ukraine, islands of Runion and Tenerife. 

Apart from the volunteers, you will meet:

Project coordinator - a person who works at the regional volunteer centre and manages the project. The coordinator is responsible for things like logistics and supervision of the project.

School coordinator - a teacher who works in the school. It’s a first-person to contact, as you will meet with the teacher almost on a daily basis. The teacher will be responsible for organizing the work of a volunteer, and for contacting the regional volunteer centre.

Mentor - someone that will take care of the progress of the volunteers and learning process, on regular meetings

Mate - a young local volunteer, that helps with everyday things and with integration with the local community.

Accountant - who will deal with all financial matters regarding the project.

Sending partner - an organization from the volunteers’ country, that will help with everything before departure and will be a contact person in case of troubles.


The project is going to be in Kielce, Poland.


You will have your own room in a flat shared with other volunteers.


Pocket money and food money: until the 5th of each month (except for the first month, where you will receive money as soon as you’ll have a polish bank account - usually it takes less than one week to do this) you will receive 220 euro (120 euro of pocket money and 100 euro for food). You will receive it via bank transfer to your polish bank account.

Bus card: you will have a free bus card to move around in Kielce and surroundings if you’ll be going somewhere further (due to your duties on the project), we will return the money.

Travel reimbursement: we will return you the money for your travel to and back from the project :) The money for the way to Kielce will be returned in the 9th month of the project, and the money for the tickets to go back - after fulfilling all the formalities. Keep in mind we will return the money up to the limit for a round trip starting from Bulgaria and return back to Bulgaria.


You will have a CIGNA insurance, that you can use in cases of emergencies.


There is no participation fee. 

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