The PSONI in Gdansk is a local institution. Our aims are focused on working for equaling the chances of intellectually disabled people. The association leads institutions designed for disabled persons in every age and with every level of disorder. One of them is the Workshops of Therapeutic Occupations (WTZ) for adult people who are trained to work, Environmental House of Self-assistance (SDS) which is responsible for self-developing of adults with severe disabilities, PSONI special school – school for children and youth with severe disabilities, Supported housing for people with intellectual disabilities, Orchestra Vita Activa, Music School, Remont Pomp music band, Theatre Razem and Best Buddies voluntary project. Volunteers work not in one but in a few places and they always suggest to us where they want to work. After the arrival, all volunteers spend 2 weeks as a training period. Video of Remont Pomp.


Volunteers are living in 1 flat that is owned by the association and two flats are rented close to the association. In each volunteer has his/her own room. Flats are very close to most of PSONI centres so it's not a big distance to work. Flats are located in Gdańsk Przymorze very close to the Baltic Sea and 30 min by tram to the Gdańsk old town. Volunteers also get food money and they are responsible for organizing it by themselves. All volunteers have free transport for trams and buses in Gdańsk for work and private time.


After the arrival volunteers spend 2 weeks as a training period. We are visiting all the centres, discuss tasks in them and have general training about work and the project. Then, the coordinator asks volunteers where they want to work. We are meeting and creating individual schedules for every volunteer. Volunteers have also training on how to work with intellectually disabled people. Training will be organized also for Polish volunteers who are part of the "Best Buddies" program.

📌 The volunteer will work in Association for people with intellectual disability PSONI Gdańsk in one of their centres:

• school for children and youth,

• occupational therapy workshop,

• daily centre,

• sheltered housing facilities.

There he will support workers and can create his own activities e.g. English lessons, art class, cooking class... 


PSONI Gdansk is open to working with everyone who is motivated to work on a project that meets her/his expectation. We always try to find a volunteer specifically for the project, but if a volunteer finds the project by himself we will host him. We are also open to host volunteers who have some difficulties with language and support them before the project. We are happy if the volunteer has previous experience in voluntary work with intellectually disabled people but that's not necessary. It also if volunteer can organize activities for disabled people by him/her self.

✔️ willing to work and learn 

✔️ ready to work with people with intellectual disabilities 

✔️ likes to takes initiative when is possible, independent and responsible  

📌 AGE OF PARTICIPANTS: 18 - 30 years old.

📌 The volunteer will be a part of a music band or a theatre group or an orchestra and take a part in a summer festival 

📌 The volunteer will be a part of the Best Buddies project that aims to create friendship between a volunteer and one person with a disability.  


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